Coffee Shop in Montreal, QC

Here at Esquina we love coffee & tea! We understand how rejuvenating it is to wake up in the morning with a quality cup of tea or one of our delicious espresso drinks before you start your day. However, buying the right coffee or tea makes all the difference. That is why we are dedicated to providing only the best with our specialty coffee and tea.

Those who enjoy drinking a couple cups of tea or coffee a day understand that purchasing products at a grocery store versus buying fresh leafs or beans makes a difference. Our tea and coffee shop only offers quality products because we believe that every cup should only be filled with the very best. We even specialize in coffee supplies to help make your cup of joe in the morning just how you like it.

At Esquina we also specialize in fresh breakfast treats. If you are craving delicious blueberry muffins or egg and bacon sandwiches, our great food its sure to please your palette.

If you are interested in our tea and coffee products call us today or stop by our shop and try a fresh cup. Visit our shop in Montreal, QC today!

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